Sunday, 2 October 2011

To be Pharm or to M Pharm!

Last week's announcement by the University of Malta that the Department of Pharmacy has now amended the courses offered to include a BSc in pharmaceutical sciences ( a four year course) and a Master in pharmacy as a fifth following year, with this final year required to be able to obtain a public warrant to practice in Malta, has caused much discussion.

Recent graduates of the five year pharmacy course are up in arms at the fact that the course to be followed for the attainment of the Master in pharmacy is seemingly identical to the one followed by them. They are asking to be granted the opportunity to complete any missing credits and be granted the Master degree. The senate of the University of Malta is yet to provide feedback on the situation, or at least its pronouncements have not been widely disseminated.

Even though it is in the interest of all us pharmacists to  find a speedy resolution to this problem, such events have revealed the many divisions within the local group of pharmacists. Whether we be community pharmacists, medical representatives, academics, non-practicing or a mixture of some of the mentioned roles, it is high time that we came together as a cohesive unit to face the many intricate problems faced by our profession.

It is imperative that the whole of the local pharmacist community takes a stand on the issue, after a measured discussion on the subject.

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