Thursday, 13 October 2011

A small step forward?!

The meeting held at the Westin Dragonara Resort last Tuesday the 11th for pharmacists, under the auspices of the Malta Pharmaceutical Association (MPA) should be viewed as a step in the right direction. The reason for the get together was the recent change in the pharmacy course structure and final degree awarded, as explained in the post previous to this.

Some of the attendees expressed their reservations,  both about the fact that the new structure could negatively affect their standing, and also about the fact that they were not familiar with the rasion d'etre of the MPA.

From the initial tangible facts available, it seems that the opportunity to obtain a high quality post-graduate degree such as the M.Pharm., on a part-time basis and tailored to the needs of a very busy and hectic professional an personal life, is one not to be passed up. This statement is to be taken in the light of the fact that the requirements, yet to be formulated and open to a certain amount of constructive discussion, are to be reasonable and take advantage of the possibilities for distance-learning and also contain the opportunity to integrate current and past work experience into the credit structure.

Some discussion was held about the need for another body, apart from those already in existence, to represent pharmacy professionals in Malta.

What is required now is a well conducted exchange of views by all pharmacists so as to enable a consensus to be reached on the M.Pharm. issue, and then use the momentum and unity gained thus far to confront the various other serious issues facing our profession.

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