Sunday, 2 October 2011

A tax on pastizzi and Mcdonalds!!

An idea that was floated some time ago has surfaced in Denmark. The Danish government is about to introduce a surcharge or tax on any food product containing more than 2.3% unsaturated fat. Opponents of the move argue that salt and sugar levels in foods cause more long term health consequences by contributing to a greater extent to increased cases of hypertension, atherosclerosis and other forms of cardiovascular disease.

Recent local and pan-european surveys have placed Malta at the top of obesity lists, and cardiovascular disease is on the rise as  cause of mortality. Should we do the same, in some form or manner?!

This is the link to the Danish proposition:

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  1. As an addition to the above, one must consider that obese people(excluding those medically and through no fault of their own, unable to control their weight) are the ones who contribute most to the increased consumption of medication and other healthcare interventions, due to the untoward effects that excess body weight has on daily functions and metabolism. It could be proposed that such individuals be taxed directly as a proportion of their excess over an established BMI level. Alternatively, individuals that are within the specified limits could be given tax breaks. This second theory would however reduce even further the funds available to healthcare administrators.
    Radical times require radical ideas and we are heading towards a situation where there will not be sufficient funds within the public healthcare system to service the whole population.
    Although flawed, the Danish take on this idea is a step in the right direction!