Monday, 22 October 2012

Its not about the bike

The title of this post was also the title of Lance Armstrong's autobiographical narrative of his fight against almost certain death from testicular cancer and his subsequent return to professional cycling and to the pinnacle of his chosen sport. Recent events have borne Armstrong out to be a liar and a cheat of the highest calibre, however our revulsion at his cowardly acts must be restricted to his sporting achievements. 

The Livestrong Foundation, set up by himself, has raised close to $500 million and provided hope and solace to countless individuals who have battled cancer. As much as all observers and involved persons alike would prefer to black out all reference to Armstrong and damn him to the darkest abyss, such instincts must be curbed for the greater good. Livestrong must be allowed and supported in its good work, and one hopes that Armstrong will have the good grace to disassociate himself from the foundation and allow it to create its own legacy, free from his own tainted and deeply flawed journey.

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