Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Why I refuse to lie down and shut up!

Why I refuse to lie down and shut up!

It is easy enough to go along with the rest of the world and accept what is the present state of affairs as the norm. This is all well and good if one's conscience is at peace and the majority of society is well served. In this case, however, both the former and the latter are not satisfied.

I argue that the formulators of public policy are not being given the right amount of information and professional direction to enable decisions to be taken in their best interest. I argue that public health would be better served if those taking macro health decisions placed the well-being of Maltese citizens ahead of personal, political or corporate gain. I argue that the time has come to take a stand and put forward the case for wholesale reform of the manner in which we apply ourselves to healthcare and its delivery.

I will not rest my case.


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