Thursday, 20 October 2011

Money is not the prime mover for long-lasting corporate success

Contrary to economic theory, it has always been my gut feeling that enduring companies are built on more than just a simple quest for the augmentation of financial assets. The possibility of constructing a framework that enables profits to be generated whilst at the same time contributing to the general good of both the local and also international society might seem fanciful, but it is not as far fetched as one might think. In fact, a recent article published by the Harvard Business Review, supports this point of view:

Read this article and then be prepared to alter forever your conceptions of how a business, whether it is yours or not, should be run. Ingraining the principles which underpin human decency and enable the co-existence of the whole of humanity, into the fabric of a company's make-up can only lead it upward. Profits and financial stability will follow automatically as an effect of, rather than as the reason for,  the company's existence.

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